White bathrooms are getting a colorful makeover

The typical all-white bathroom is getting a color treatment. In its 2024 trends report, Wow Design shows how more color is entering bathroom design.

1: Add Nature-Inspired Hues

From Wow Design’s trend report: “Small tiles in a mix of warm and neutral shades can be harmoniously combined on walls and floors to tell a story, transforming living spaces into cozy, meaningful backdrops.”

2: Artisanal White Mixed With Terracotta Tiles

From Wow Design’s trend report: “Terracotta-colored tiles can be combined on walls and floors with one of the wide variety of off-white glazed models. One peculiarity of small-format tiles is how easy it is to use them in different combinations, whatever the setting. In this bathroom, artisanal tiles in two different natural colors have been combined. Each ceramic tile is unique, with an uneven surface that offers a glimpse of the tile’s elegant bevelled edges, infusing walls or floors with a certain movement.” 

3: Glazed Tiles in Bright Vibrant Colors

From Wow Design’s trend report: “The two bathrooms in this home are based on a similar design, with bright-colored floors combined with a use of white. What sets them apart is the fact that a different color has been chosen for each bathroom: vibrant blue and dark red, using glazed tiles. The skirting tiles combine white with the same color as the floor to create striking bands of color. By using these bold, bright colors, a unique ambience has been achieved. A big, strategically located mirror ensures an added sense of spaciousness.”

4: Green

From Wow Design’s trend report: “Green has become a way of paying tribute to nature. On walls and floors, one single color can be used for the whole surface, or it can be combined with other colors from the range.”

5: Colorful 3D Effects

From Wow Design’s trend report: “The ceramic tiles bring charisma, geometrical interplay and a touch of authenticity to the bathroom. To break away from the typical smooth walls, tiles with textures and surfaces with 3D effects have been used in a genuine ode to architecture.”